Rental Requirements

Medawar & Co. Real Estate Services, LLC Application Approval Requirements

  • Income: Yearly income must be 2.5x the yearly rent.
  • Job History: Should have current job for a minimum of 6 months. Time spent at previous employment in the same field can also be used to meet this requirement. May require most recent pay stub based on credit score.
  • Criminal History (only applies to properties outside of Seattle): Applicant’s entire criminal history must be disclosed.  Preference is no criminal record resulting in harm to persons or property within the prior 7 years. Individual circumstances will always be reviewed.
  • Credit Score: Minimum score of 600 must be met by all applicants. Lower scores may still be approved but may require prepayment of last month’s rent.
  • Medical Bills: Special consideration will be given if your credit score is reduced due to unpaid medical bills.
  • No prior evictions on record allowed.

We will accept portable credit reports as long as all requirements above are met, and reports are sent directly to us from credit agency.

Exceptions may be given in all categories based on complete evaluation.