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Amir Medawar

Amir Medawar, the owner of Medawar & Company Real Estate Services, LLC purchased his first rental home at the age of 15 and has been in the real estate and property management field ever since. Amir’s professionalism and high standards of quality have made him exceptionally successful in real estate. In 1998, Amir founded Medawar & Company Real Estate Services, LLC in order to devote as much time and attention to managing his clients’ properties as he does his own.

Medawar & Company Real Estate Services, LLC is a one-stop, full-service real estate agency for property owners and investors looking to build an expertly managed real estate portfolio that receives that same quality and attention as Amir’s personal properties.

If you are considering an investment in real estate, but want to leave the day-to-day management to the experts, Medawar & Company will work with you every step of the way. We will actively search for the perfect investment to suit your needs and professionally manage your properties at the highest level of service. Our services include:

  1. Professional consulting that is designed to maximize your real estate investment;
  2. Finding the highest caliber of tenants, and managing evening and weekend property viewings;
  3. Maintaining repairs and property updates to protect your investment;
  4. We will keep up with the constantly changing Seattle Landlord laws and make sure we are always following legal procedure;
  5. Managing day-to-day tenant issues with experienced and personable property managers.

In addition, once you choose Medawar & Company, you will have Amir’s finance background as a retired CPA and former CFO, along with his four decades of real estate experience, at your disposal. Amir’s personal mission is to build a long-term professional relationship with you by helping you to maximize the returns of your investment today.

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